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Jean-Pierre Champagne Sips by Mother Nurture Wellness

Oolong Tea, Papaya Pieces, Plum Petals, Safflower Petals, Natural Flavors

Low Caffeine

Full-Size: $18.00

How To Make This Tea

  • 3 tsp per 8 oz. water
  • Heat water to 185° F or boil
  • Steep for 4-5 min

Why You'll Love This Tea

Everyday should be a celebration! Jean-Pierre Champagne marks the joy and euphoria of any occasion. This blend offers complex aromas of papayas and plum petals that remind you of the cellars of the Champagne region of France. Fragrant notes of watermelon add a ripe, juicy twist to this classic drink! Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or graduation, Jean-Pierre Champagne plays the starring role in celebrating many of life’s triumphant moments. Known for its finesse, lightness, and elegance, this luxury blend is a staple and enough to mark any festivity.

Why You'll Love This Brand

Mother Nurture Wellness is a brand focused on well-being and self-care with loose-leaf teas that promote optimal health benefits without sacrificing taste! They focus on nurturing both the body and mind for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Their unique blends include the best ingredients and are crafted for any occasion - a day at the office, a self-care day, a vacation, or a celebration! Mother Nurture Wellness is not simply a tea company, but an overall wellness company that strives to nurture one's overall physical and mental health - Made By Mother Nature To Nurture!

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