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Miracle Tree

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Miracle Tree

Miracle Tree is a superfood brand all about Moringa – an emerging superfood with an exceptional nutritional profile. We offer our superfoods as teas and powders!

Get to Know Us

We are a family-owned and award-winning superfood brand distributed in over 33 countries and thousands of retail locations. Our brand is one of the largest specialty tea brands focused on distributing superfood teas and other related herbal products throughout food-service, grocery stores, tea and coffee shops, mass merchandisers, club stores, natural foods stores, mail order and the Internet. We work with ethically responsible and independent farmers from all over the world and ensure a positive impact on their social well-being and communities. Trust and Respect is a crucial ingredient to our success!

Miami, FL




OMG, the Miracle Tree morninga teas are amazing!! 

Kathleen, CA

I also loved the amount of caffeine in the Miracle Tree one with NO jitters or anything!! 

Erinn, MA

The Miracle Tree tea was fascinating, a very fresh tasting tea for those who really need some morning caffeine 

Kristin, CA